I’m back… at least. But not “FULLY” back to IMVU

July 31, 2007 at 6:33 pm (Uncategorized)

So officially, after ages, I logged back in to IMVU.

As I can see, nothing much had changed. People are asking me, however, when will I ‘develop’ again. And I ask myself, “WTF? People liked my work?” Or maybe it is just from the fact that these noobs want to ask credits from me, thereafter. LOL.

¬†Hmmm…. I’m seeing some good derivable products around… Maybe I will develop if I have time… Frankly, I only develop things out of pure fun, and not to show off or something. Anyway, i have been pretty busy cause college life is quite a tight one now.

But! Damn, college is the best. So many parties, and happenings–we have drastic works but I can cope at least.

All in all, I’m just waiting for my desktop pc to arrive maybe around this week or the other so I could start having fun around IMVU again.

*NOTE: I’m not even sure if people are going to read this. But I don’t care. Haha.


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